Anthony Grumbine

Anthony has practiced with Harrison Design since 2007, right on the heels of earning his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame. A light-hearted father of seven, Anthony serves as a frequent architecture lecturer, private art teacher, professional artist and film storyboard artist. A skilled illustrator, he was asked to depict 12 historic styles of Santa Barbara architecture in the city’s historic style guides, and his watercolors, drawings and writings have been published in numerous highly regarded magazines, books and notable news sites such as

Anthony’s talent for on-the-spot perspective drawing is greatly appreciated by clients, since he is able to quickly convey design ideas and resolve questions long before they become conflicts. Still, Anthony’s distinct expertise comes in his remarkable versatility; he is able to quickly and seamlessly segue between disciplines ranging from ecclesiastical to residential. Perhaps the most pivotal project in his portfolio is Harrison Design’s successful remodel of the Holy Innocents Catholic Church in Long Beach, California, a project he calls “a tremendous transformation, and a joy to be a part of.” Working primarily in the iconic Spanish Colonial Revival design, Anthony is equally well versed in Italian Mediterranean, American Colonial Revival and Italianate Victorian.