William H. Harrison, AIA, NCARB

When he was 12 years old, Bill began working as a draftsperson in an architect’s office every summer and on Saturdays. By the time he entered Georgia Institute of Technology, he was already more than familiar with the first year’s architecture curriculum. After graduation, Bill continued his education touring the architecture of the masters in Europe and the Americas. It was particularly in Italy where he focused his attention, visiting every palace and villa designed by Andrea Palladio.

The tenets of classical architecture remain evident in every Harrison Design project. Even modern design must function, endure and delight. Like Palladio, his predecessors and those who followed, Bill’s practice encourages the architecture to explore new ideas, to add and augment the old with new concepts, and further the art by drawing on a wellspring of great ideas built on the foundations of the past.

Coming of age in the decades when suburbanization drew neighborhoods away from urban centers, Bill is determined to continue advancing the creation of better places for people to live and gather. He believes society is better when people enjoy their environments by interacting and exchanging ideas.

Bill is regularly invited to speak on a wide range of ideas and issues in architecture. To Bill, architecture is more than a career; it is many lifetimes rolled into a lifelong passion meant to be lived and breathed.