Carol Hayes

In 1998, the young firm of Harrison Design had a CFO that needed a hand. The firm had been growing rapidly based on their reputation for excellence in classical design, and behind the scenes, the accounting was growing in tandem with the artistry. The need for someone well versed in each aspect of running a business—from the finer points of financial statements to human resources and the ensuing details of employee benefits—was met through the unique experience of Carol.

Carol joined the firm in its Atlanta headquarters and has been an integral part of its growth across the U.S. and abroad. A true renaissance woman, Carol tabled her formal postgraduate education to raise a family and manage their household while her husband’s career developed and moved the family to a variety of cities. First studying in Manhattan, then finishing her accounting degree at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Carol’s professional path has always been focused in the field of accounting.

Known for being detail-oriented, systematic and efficient, it is not surprising that Carol’s favorite project as company Controller is preparing the corporate taxes; it is a large, exacting puzzle. That said, she is equally comfortable assisting architects with budgets or negotiating rates with insurance companies in behalf of the staff that has grown four-fold since 1998.