Chad Goehring

Chad has always been on track for a career in residential architecture. The son of an engineer, Chad announced his intentions on his mother’s camcorder at the age of 10. In 2000, his final year at Southern Polytechnic State University, while pursuing his Bachelor of Architecture degree, Chad joined Harrison Design. After graduation and six years of service in the flagship office, Chad was handpicked to open the company’s operation in the Golden Isles.

Chad’s genial disposition is right at home in island environs and his flexibility accommodates clients. He has even been known to hold meetings on the golf course, shooting in the low 90s and throwing in an occasional slice.

The second office to be located outside of Atlanta is situated in the middle of a succession of idyllic resorts, and Chad quickly adapted to the myriad day-to-day operations: business development, managing deliverables, meeting with clients, assembling project teams, construction administration and closing the project. For Chad, the most gratifying part of his practice is getting to know his clients, then the process of interpreting dreams for their homes and watching those dreams come to life.