Derek Hopkins

Originally from a small town in North Carolina, Derek attributes much of his appreciation for architecture to family travels. It was during these annual trips that he was first exposed to the country’s distinct architectural styles—from the French Colonial homes of the Louisiana bayou to the quaint shingle-style cottages that characterize the coastal Northeast.

After graduating with a degree in architecture from the School of Design at North Carolina State University, Derek was drawn to Atlanta for its balance of southern charm and metropolitan sophistication. It was here that he embarked on his architectural career, joining Harrison Design in 1999. His attention to detail is evident in his ability to examine projects comprehensively and his skilled eye ensures that all elements cohesively relate to one another. With built projects from Long Island to Southern California, Derek firmly believes that good design transcends a home’s scale, budget and architectural vernacular. Bringing a uniquely personable approach to guiding his clients through the process of design and construction, Derek feels a sense of responsibility associated with listening to their wishes and then translating these thoughts and ideas into tangible structures—homes that are places of comfort, sources of pride, and well-crafted spaces that make living, working and relaxing easier and more enjoyable.