Mark D. Hughes, AIA

Growing up in Washington, D.C., Mark was steeped in the architectural traditions and monumental beauty of the region. After completing his architectural studies at both the undergraduate and graduate School of Architecture at the University of Maryland, he began a career designing a wide variety of projects, including commercial, historic, retail, restaurant, space planning and residential design. After many years as a partner and then owner of a locally based architectural practice, Mark brought his design and management expertise to Harrison Design, becoming the director of the firm’s Washington, D.C. office in 2012.

Adept at assisting clients through each step of fine design, Mark is equally comfortable with the necessary governmental and jurisdictional processes required for a project to be successfully completed. Truly satisfying projects are born out of the effective collaboration of each partner in the project, beginning with the client, developing with the architect and finishing with the builder.

Mark believes that each project, no matter the size or scope, should be well considered and endowed with good design. This will ultimately enhance and bring pleasure to the daily lives of the families and individuals that inhabitant them. That, he says, is the greatest reward for the architect.