Nicolas Charbonneau

In 1999, a college philosophy & psychology major took a junior-year liberal arts study tour to Italy. Who might have predicted that the homeland of the Renaissance would create a renaissance in young Nic Charbonneau?

When touring Venice, a professor was explaining how musical proportion creates beautiful music and the same was true of beautiful architecture. Nicolas’ gaze drifted to the San Giorgio Maggiore, a 16th century basilica designed by Andrea Palladio, and the trajectory of his career was suddenly made clear.

Upon graduation, the Massachusetts native began to work for building contractors, educating himself firsthand in the construction industry. He read voraciously and studied when possible, via a six-hour bus ride, with the educational organization now known as the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. When he began looking for practical work in the field, a firm in Worcester took him on.

Over the last ten years, Nic’s passion for classical architecture has remained true. “I was taken with the beauty of classical architecture, both its form and theoretical underpinnings.” After earning his Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame he worked in various firms throughout the country. He has been instrumental in all phases of design for a diverse group of projects all over the world, ranging from small residential additions to large-scale religious and institutional projects.

It is notable to mention that on a subsequent visit to Rome, Nic met a lovely Virginian who would later become his wife, and the two are happily raising their six children.