Rick Hatch

The Hatch family farm in Spring Green, Wisconsin neighbored Taliesin North, winter home of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Also close by was a Wright-designed school where the Hatch children played. The marriage of site and structure is a Wright trademark and one that organically influenced young Rick.

As his professional trajectory progressed, hands-on experience in the building industry further informed his expertise. Earning degrees in Architectural Engineering (1989) and Architecture (1993), Rick began his career with not only a classroom education, but well-honed instincts that only come with years of exposure to the craft. Since joining Harrison Design in 1998, his designs have been featured in a number of esteemed publications, with local, national and international scope.

Rick’s ability to interpret a client’s desires into reality is couched in a cheerful personality and unflappable ability to problem solve. His use of space is at once beautiful, interesting and practical. He has learned that not only is a structure related to its site, but a family should easily connect to the space in which they live, work and play.

As a firm principal, Rick mentors young talent, sharing knowledge and shaping their experience. Creative collaboration with colleagues and with those from allied disciplines has netted scores of beautiful, well thought out projects. As a member of the community, he is involved with several notable nonprofits focused on preservation of our built environment. The busy expectations of a firm leader aside, it is still the experience of working with each unique client and the pursuit of a space for their family to dwell that Rick enjoys most.