On June 5, about 100 architecture and design enthusiasts attended the “Modern vs. Traditional” panel discussion hosted by LUXE magazine with Harrison Design at ADAC. Kate Abney, Homes Editor of LUXE Southeast, interviewed HD principal architect John Albanese, AIA, Modern Studio director Robert Tretsch, AIA, and interior design director Karen Ferguson, ASID, during the Atlanta Design Festival at ADAC.

Moderator Kate Abney of LUXE Southeast posed questions to Karen, Robert and John.

Rather than opposing ends of a spectrum, the talk illuminated common ground between modern and traditional styles. John noted a trend toward more open floorplans, replacing separate living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen/casual dining areas with one large, engaging space. According to Robert, classical architecture underpins all good work. He stressed that architects must be trained in traditional design and learn the foundation of symmetry, proportion and balance, which applies to modern work as well.

Kate, Karen Robert and John

Karen said she loves mixing modern with traditional in her interior design. Some clients aren’t ready to pare down their furnishings and possessions enough to be truly minimalist, so the architects add in extra closets and storage areas.

Regardless of the style, the three emphatically agreed it benefits any project to involve the interior designer as early as possible in the process.

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