In-Home Air & Water Filtration: Health-Conscious Home Design Trends Are Here To Stay

We all want to control the substances our bodies take in. Whether it’s food, water, or the air we breathe, people are becoming more conscientious about what goes into their bodies and where it comes from. In municipalities across the country, laws and ordinances are taking a stronger stand on water and air quality in public spaces. Increasingly, home owners are addressing these same issues in their private lives.

While modern construction provides more air-tight structures to protect a home from weather, these same advancements have done a great job at keeping contaminants in. A 2012 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study indicates that the air quality inside your home can be as much as four to five times worse than the air quality outside.

Barbara Lowenthal, Principal and Director of Interior Design for the firm’s two offices in California, says air quality in the home is a major concern for clients and that currently portable units provide superior filtration over entire home systems, which are more expensive. “Usually our clients prefer to buy portable units so they can control which rooms benefit from the filtration and can save costs,” she says.

In terms of water quality, aging infrastructure means contaminants commonly enter a home’s water supply only after leaving the source. This means these contaminants are often not accounted for when government agencies analyze water cleanliness. Because the contamination is localized, private citizens have to address the problem themselves.

From Trend To Common Practice

“As a general rule for our projects, we almost always install a whole-home water filtration system,” says Lowenthal. “Clients often want a combined system of water softening and conditioning for interior water sources, as well as additional reverse-osmosis systems for drinking taps, kitchen faucets, pot fillers and other sources where water will be consumed.”

Butler's pantry with stocked refrigerator
This butler’s pantry features a dedicated filtered water faucet.

In its seven offices across the country, Harrison Design has seen an increase in requests for these private filtering systems, with no signs of slowing down. Owners can be confident in the various methods available to achieve cleaner air and water within the home. As these solutions become more affordable, the demand for integrating sophisticated home air and water filtration systems into our built work will continue to grow.

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