Karen Ferguson, director of interior design in Atlanta, was awarded 2019 Southeast Residential Designer of the Year (SEDY), presented by ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) and VERANDA, at its annual gala on April 25.

This year’s esteemed judges were Steele Marcoux, editor-in-chief of Veranda; interior designer Bunny Williams, and architect Roger Seifter of Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

Remarking on Karen’s work, which was unidentified, they said:

“The stylistic differences between these two projects highlight the designer’s skilled versatility; common to both, however, is a quietly elegant sense of scale and proportion that grows out of and enriches their surrounding architecture.” – Roger Seifter

“This designer demonstrated a powerful range: he/she is able to make contemporary feel warm and traditional feel unexpected.” – Steele Marcoux

“The winner of the Residential Design category showed an ability to handle both a modern sensibility and a more traditional vibe with a clear sense of proportion and scale. The detailing of the kitchen and bathroom were perfection.” – Bunny Williams

The submission showcased two of Karen’s recent projects in Atlanta: a contemporary residence with an earthy palette and abundance of texture, and a more traditional residence that Karen infused with a more modern sensibility and sense of timelessness.

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