Harrison Design completed a major renovation of this Mission Revival church in Long Beach, which had been severely remodeled in the 70s and 80s. Because there is no documentation of the original 1920’s interior, the new sanctuary was redesigned to complement the existing style of the exterior. Attention to architectural details and the use of appropriate materials reflect the local Spanish Colonial heritage. Devotional statues and paintings were integrated in niches throughout, including an exquisite Our Lady of Guadalupe, painted by a member of the parish. This 4,000-sq.ft. church embodies the Hispanic heritage of its community and parishioners; its modesty and authenticity contribute to its understated and elegant beauty.

White adobe terra cotta tile mission architecture niches church façade with wood door wrought iron lights by Harrison Design
Tile floor and wooden door with wrought iron details and traditional stain glass in light filled vestibule by Harrison Design
Quis Ut Deus who is like unto God sacred text gold traditional niche arch and iron rail votive candles by Harrison Design
Classical nave with iron pendant hanging lanterns stations of the cross columns wooden pews stained glass by Harrison Design
Choir loft with classical details and iron rail with heavy wooden timber trusses on brackets vestibule by Harrison Design